5 clues that you need a break

mini breakSo the New Year started and you find that you are still your old self. Yes all the resolutions like get rid of old habit were only on paper. And now what? It’s been few weeks you are feeling down.

Here are 5 clues to find out that you are definitely in desperate need for mini winter break:

  • Your flow is been at least twice the same for the past few week (aka lack of inspiration)
  • You find that social events are not worth your presence instead you are taking it slow on your sofa watching the same sit come over and over again
  • Your lack of concentration reaches new peak when you actually take the train back to work instead to go home.
  • You are missing important meetings due to a badly panned calendar (or worst you still did not put your commitments in that same calendar)
  • You fail in your detox attempts miserably blaming the cold for it

There can be quite a few more added but I would like to hear from you. What are your clues?