Why people do not like me?

Ok it is a painful topic and although I am celebrating today my 500th like on Facebook (non deniable great achievement ) I have to admit I am suffering from a well-known in the yoga scene disease- the need to please everyone and even worst of all the need to be liked by everybody.

This happened recently, one day I went to bed and when I woke up I had 7 people less on my Facebook. Overnight somehow 7 people got into conspiracy to ruin the peace of my week-end and disliked my page all together. Surely this was injustice I did not deserve. I felt so bad about it that I was all day asking- why people do not like me?

I spent the whole day asking anyone that will listen (mainly my homies (meaning the people I live with))this same question. Then my boyfriend said it clearly- Who cares? Are they still coming to your classes and events? And then it hit me- somehow the growing number on our pages makes us believe the importance of our work is bigger. Tortured by this for a good part of the rest of the day suddenly it made me realize few things about myself and it helped me find these truths:

  • The likes on my page do not measure my abilities as a teacher
  • The attendance of my classes should be the inspiration for me
  • The real connection I have with students is what really matters (unfortunately often I am unable to join them for social events and that is what I should focus on)
  • The fact that I have to learn to deal with rejection is part of growing as better teacher

Is about time we yoga teachers start seeing what we really do- we help people and it does not matter if they are 300 or 3 people. I appreciate each and every student- past or future one.

Now if more people dislike my page I will be in peace with that.

What about you? Where do you get your sense of accomplishment from? Namaste