Diary of a yogini

Diary of a yogini

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How I spend my time off the mat

Reflecting on the past year.

So in attempt to start sharing more with you guys I said I will have a blog- J (here is where I totally made you follow my journey in 2015 just by reading my short entries in my diary )

I always pictured myself like some type of Carrie Bradshaw (she should have easier to spell name) typing furiously on my brand new laptop in a nice cafés or exotic places like Ocho Rios. Having cute outfits to go with my creative (well let you be the judge of that) writing. The reality is that whenever I will feel like I have something to write about I will have the time in the train(if I manage to stay awake or be able to sit) commuting to work to do that and then I will spend endless hours hoping you will read it.

Yes it is this time of the year again/ the most wonderful time some say/when you get the chance to reflect on the past 356 days and say honestly to yourself that what you did with your time was valuable or not.

So here is my year in achievements (more like facts really) laid out for you:

Number of classes taken 80

Number of classes given 217

Number of my own workshops 2 (nailed it -not quite sure what the big fear was all about)

Number of events hosted 6

Number of continents visited 3 (actually not sure on which part of the Istanbul my connecting flight landed)

Number of life changing trips taken 1

Number of times crying in frond of my students 2

Number of injuries due to x-mas party 1

Number of concepts for next year’s workshops literally gazillion

Number of casual yoga class taught 2 (I really need to bring not just jeans to class is just not professional)

Number of own places for yoga found 1

Number of friends /ex colleagues that is willing to sub for me and I am extremely proud off 1

Number of articles for my blog 2 (including this one- pretty lame)

Now if you have few of your own achievements on the mat or off, that you would like to share please do so I will love to hear those.